Since sending my Friesian, Neitcze, to Andrea to start for me while I was pregnant last year, I was so pleased with the results, I decided that I would spoil myself and keep on using her services! Especially since Nietcze was so nicely started he sold not long after to a home in Montreal where he went to be the dressage mount for an older re-rider!

The second animal I sent was a perlino Connemara mare named TBF Eavan Tressa who I imported in 2011. "Yellow", as she came to be called, is a loving and sweet mare who I bought with the intent to use as my foundation
mare for my breeding program. Because I am a firm believer in broodmares having careers themselves, off Yellow went to Andrea to learn her trade.Yellow was well started by Andrea and I am absolutely thrilled (once again!)
with the results of Andreas patient and thorough training. Because my mare showed a great aptitude for jumping, she was even able to school her over some cross country fences to broaden her education even more. Yellow came
home 3 months later and was shown by myself that fall. I could not be more pleased with how Andrea starts them under saddle and keeps them happy and engaged in their work! As an aside, Andrea also offers breeding services
and she teased and bred Yellow to my stallion Tintagels Tibyl, who was sent to her later that summer.


After looking for several years for a stallion to purchase, I finally found my lad! Before I bought him, I admit my first call was "Andrea, do you take stallions in for training??" Since she has started two other horses for me and I wanted Tibyl to be started by her as well. She answered in the affirmative, my deal was struck and I delivered Tibyl to
Andrea the same day I picked him up. He was quite full of himself after being just a breeding stallion for his first career and Andrea handled him with the perfect balance of tact and "tough love". After working with him
on the ground and prepping him for line classes in hopes of qualifying for the Royal, Andrea then started him under saddle. I am so pleased to say that he went on to qualify and show at the Royal in 2011, handled by Andrea
herself. His under saddle work went very well and he was shown successfully at both Breeders shows and schooling shows. In all aspects Tibyl had been taught to behave like an utter gentleman and the many compliments he received were as a direct result of his training with Andrea. I am looking forward to sending him back to her for a few more months in 2012 and continuing his education with her! Nothing but satisfaction from us here at
Muskoka Lakes Connemaras with how our ponies have been trained and shown! Thank you so very much Andrea! I have some more up-and-comers waiting for their turn off with you!


Janet Rowe of Muskoka Lake Connemara's

Andrea took on quite a challenge in our case.

Our story; After over a year of investigating, researching, and talking to people, we decided we were ready to embark on the adventure of horse ownership.We needed a barn that would be willing to help us learn about care and maintenance. We needed a trainer for not only our young horse but for us as well.

We have been very lucky indeed. Enter; Andrea Volasko.

In a nut shell Andrea is, in my opinion; intelligent, personable, strong, confident, patient, funny, sensitive, compassionate and understanding. Not only did she help our horse adjust, she trained us on how to handle and care for him and teach him. All while still being there for us, as nothing substitute’s experience. This is a testament to her dedication.Andrea is a patient teacher, dedicated to both horse and owner. Not only does she answer all of our questions, she explains her answer so well.

She is truly a teacher at heart.Andrea exudes confidence and this transfer’s to her students as she is training.She works tirelessly to ensure that both horse and rider are finding that connection that makes riding what it is. It is not enough to just know what to do when riding, it is about “feeling” the change, the improvement, the response of the horse.

Andrea works, not until a rider can “just do it” she helps them “feel it”. This makes all the difference when learning.She has high standards, while not taking away from the experience. She balances constructive criticism with ample praise for both rider and horse. This is a critical balance that Andrea has mastered well.We are so lucky to have found Andrea!

Thank you, Andrea Volasko.

The Bertuzzi Family


I sent my coming 4 year old Friesian to Andrea to get started under saddle for 2 months. Normally I start my own horses, but being pregnant it was not high on my priority list to start a youngster this time. lol!!
Anyways, I talked to a few folks, saw her work with another horse and felt happy to send my horse to her for starting. I just picked him up today and watched him go undersaddle before loading him. He is doing great, WTC, nice transitions, coming into a contact, nice rhythm and just looked interested in his work.

Thanks Andrea for a job very nicely done with this fellow! I hope I can send him down again for a refresher after the winter after I squirt out the new foal here! Before "out-of-shape-momma" gets back into the tack. You have spoiled me for ever wanting to start my babies myself... I will happily send them all to you!

Janet Rowe

Fieldstone Farm continues to send Andrea our youngsters to start. They are well-rounded individuals, happy in their work, and are great prospects for the amateur and professional alike.

Her latest effort with our 3 year old Vintage FF (Allie) was no exception, Allie is a willing partner, enjoys her work and will be heading to the Baby Green ring in 2011.

We`re excited that our two upcoming 3 year olds Palmyra FF and Spartacus FF will be heading to Andrea in the spring for their early training.

Chris and Shannon Smith (Fieldstone Farm)


After the loss of a close family member I made the decision to send out my recently backed gelding for training. He had only been with me for a few months and was already showing some difficult training challenges. He was unsure and nervous of being under saddle and had already proven he was very accomplished at bucking.

I knew that he required someone with patients and drive to get him through this tough stage. I was discouraged
to find that most trainers offered little reassurance that he would ever become a riding horse. Some demanded a minimum of 60 days with no guarantee that he would even be walk/trot at that stage, while others simply wouldn't take him on. I was delighted when I found Andrea - her optimism was fantastic and she had no doubt that she could work with Cruiser.

After 6 weeks of training I went for my first ride - what an amazing transformation! I took a lesson with Andrea and couldn't believe that this was the same horse that 6 weeks earlier could only be ridden while being led with a handler. He could walk, trot & cantered in both directions under saddle and had developed some excellent lunging skills! Andrea also informed me of some successful training methods that worked well with Cruiser that I had never thought to use - which I have used since he has been home. She is obviously a trainer with plenty of experience and knowledge. I would definitely recommend Andrea to tackle any training issues.

Ashley Poole


Having just brought our Dutch mare home from a breeding lease and deciding to wait a year to rebreed Trixie, we thought it would be good to get her going undersaddle as she was merely green broke before starting to perform her breeding duties. Of course, our first choice was Andrea. Andrea has put three rides on Trixie and today I was home for the fourth ride and to say I was thrilled with what I saw, is a total understatement! Soft, willing, and happy to listen to Andrea - Trixie was trusting and encouraged along the entire way. I can't wait to see how she progresses because the mare is going at her own pace - and Andrea is the ever-patient horsewoman guiding her along. Thank you Andrea!!

Chris and Shannon Smith (Fieldstone Farm)

"This summer after waiting what felt like forever it came time for me to choose the right person to start my mare. I was discouraged while looking because this was my first time taking on this challenge. But, when a friend referred Andrea to me I started talking to her and felt very comfortable. Andrea was very open and willing to give me all the information I needed to make all the right decisions.

I left Gracie in Andrea’s capable hands for 2 months and WOW I was not disappointed. I was worried that Gracie would present some tough challenges for Andrea. But, each time I went to visit her I was pleasantly surprised. It was wonderful to see my horse working so willingly and quiet. At one point I turned to my mom and said “ I would love to buy that horse” then it clicked that I already did.

When I got on her for the first time I was a little nervous but that quickly passed. Gracie stood while I mounted like she had been doing this forever. She did everything I asked with no reluctances at all. One of the greatest things I noticed was the softness of her mouth and response to my leg.

Thanks to Andrea she has made our first and most important steps to Gracie’s eventing career positive ones. After going through this process with Andrea I take no hesitation in recommending Andrea Volasko as the right choice."

Megan Hargreaves

"When I brought my mare Tiss to Andrea for training, I was not sure what to expect in the end. My hopes were that Andrea would start my horse to walk, trot and perhaps canter. After one week of training, I went down to watch a session and to my surprise Andrea was walking and trotting Tiss as if she had been doing it for months. It was clear to see that Andrea’s methods were instilling confidence in the horse. The day I arrived to pick my mare up, Andrea insisted that I see for myself what the mare could do. To my astonishment, I watched Andrea take Tiss from a walk to a forward trot like a pro. Once she was ready, she put her into a canter (on the correct lead) and then changed rein and cantered again. Andrea took Tiss over some poles at a trot, then a canter and finally she put her over a small "X". I can't say enough about the training my mare has received from Andrea and I enjoy my horse every day. Andrea will start all my future horses. Thank you Andrea, and thank you Loralee Farms for the great care you gave my Tiss."

Diana Finlay



Hi Andrea, We are very excited about Justin! You have done a phenomenal job training him and he is a good boy. Your specifics to Olivia on riding and handling him will make it easier to continue with the work you have done. Your forthrightness about everything is also refreshing. We can deal with what is known, but we have not often encountered this level of being candid. This is refreshing and also is why we wanted to buy him on the spot. Thanks again for everything.

Kathryn Hunter

We at Peace Acres Farm, home of The Next Start AQHA Champion, World Congress & Futurity Champion Sire, have had the pleasure of Andrea Volasko coming to the farm and training several of our horses to do fence work.

She has been riding my appendix mare “Asia” 16.2 by The Next Star and also JR 16.1 by the same sire. She has taught them to jump and I am very happy with her work. I did not know much about her except by word of mouth and everyone’s mouth is saying the same good things of which I find is true.


Andrea has a great work ethic and seems really happy to do her job. She plans her program carefully. She is firm but kind and forms a great bond with the horse she is working. She never gets Asia to do something that she is not properly prepared to do. Andrea also coaches a student here. She explains things well and is very positive in her coaching making sure the student is well prepared for her over fence work. Horse and rider are very confident and happy.

It is certainly a plus to have her come in here and work with my horses and to be around the farm.

Barbara Lockyear
Peace Acres Farm
Everett, ON


When it was time to have my 3 year old Seaworthy FF backed, Andrea was my obvious choice, she did a wonderful job, I was very pleased. I'm excited to have her continue working with him outside and in the show ring this summer.

Anita Lancaster

As Seaworthy's breeder and owner of his sire Sailor's Spirit, it was also important to me that he was started correctly and showed to his best potential as a youngster - representing his sire. I'm thrilled with Andrea's work with him. She has taken everything at his pace, and I'm constantly drawn to what soft hands she has when riding. He has become a most willing partner and I'm excited to have her on the Fieldstone team.

Shannon Smith
Fieldstone Farm


We were very fortunate to have Andrea join us at our farm. She has shown a level of patience and understanding that is truly impressive when dealing with the horses she trains and breaks. I have never seen her lose her temper or mistreat the horses she is working with and have absolute faith in her abilities regardless of the behavioral challenges she may face. I have no reservation in recommending her services to anyone who wants to see quality results in a short period of time.

Laura & Mike Barnhart
Loralee Farms, Shelburne Ont.




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