A well done mane can make any horse look the part, and ad class to the sales pictures or the show ring. I have been braiding manes since I was a teen, and I'm always learning new ways to improve on the turnout of my horses and client horses. I have consistently braided high end hunter manes and tails, and I have had a full book of horses every year at the Royal Winter Fair. Consistency in size, thickness, and tightness are required to impress. However I haven't limited myself to hunter braids, I have been recently adding jumper/dressage braids to my repertoire.

**Add $5/service for the Royal (helps to cover travel)**

Clipping is an essential part of having show and training horses. A clean shaven horse will give you that added edge in the show ring as well as a horse that is easier to maintain through the winter training months. I am patient and detailed, when it comes to my clips, young horses do not faze me, even if it requires added time. My clips can be altered in any way you choose to suit your needs.


Clients who have used my Braiding/Clipping Services – Park Stud, Breacrest Stables, Fieldstone Farms, Leah Wilson, Margaret Parker, Nancy Fagan, Knowlton Ridge, Fairfield Farms just to name a few.




Riding is my passion, and my life's dedication. Having a riding instructor who is passionate about their sport really helps to create an environment to successfully learn in. I have been instructing riders for over 11 years, and I am continually looking to improve my skills by finding new ways to get through to my students when I teach. Being a riding instructor is quite different than being a teacher in a many other walks of life, not only do you have to work with another human and help them understand what the lessons are, but you are trying to educate another person in how to work with another living being that also has a mind and opinions of its own. Since I have had many years of experience in the saddle working with young horses, show horses, different breeds and types, I am much better qualified to aid my students in learning and improving on their ability to communicate with their horse and progress towards their goals.

My lesson program is small and oriented towards one on one type lessons. I do offer semi-private and group lessons, but my group lessons are small with a max of 4 riders in one lesson. During my lessons we work on building a solid foundation in the saddle which includes continually strengthening the body and core, yet remaining supple in ones position. This is always at the core of whatever I teach. I truly believe that a rider must be able to sit quietly and correctly in order to properly communicate with their horse and achieve the best results, and that this process cannot be rushed.

I am slowly building up my show program, and I love to help those riders who are looking to get out of a school type environment get into the show ring. If you don't have your own horse, not to worry you can use one of ours, and if we don't have a suitable horse I can help you find a part board/lease horse. I like to set goals, and create a realistic plan to achieve our goals, building up slowly to create a horse/rider team who can be safe, successful, and confident in the show ring.
Please realize that I'm not discipline specific, the basics are the same regardless, although my passion lies in dressage/show jumping/eventing I promise to help you as much as I can no matter what type of saddle you ride in.



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